At Mediplas, your journey begins from us helping you with the design of your product. Understanding the plastic manufacturing process helps us make designs that are effective, viable, and most importantly producible. Once designs are finalized and accepted, we proceed with 3D printing mocks using our high resolution 3D printer, enabling our client to view their product without mold investment.


Our in house mold production department is the engine of our ecosystem. We are proud to be manufacturing class 101 molds in accordance with the SPI mold classification standards. The quality of any plastic product comes from the quality of the mold it is made from. Utilising the best materials combined with our technical expertise, our molds vary from single cavity prototypes to multi-cavity automatic molds, based on your preference and requirement. We utilize:

  • Computerized numerical control (CNC) machines
  • Conventional lathe machines
  • Conventional milling machines
  • Electric Discharge Machines (EDM)
  • Tungsten-Inert Gas (TIG) welding plant
  • Surface grinders
  • Cylindrical grinders


Spread over 35,000 ft2 our custom designed production facility is equipped with machinery comprising of:

  • Blow molding machines
  • Injection machines
  • Injection-blow machines
  • Vertical injection machine
  • Stretch blow machines

These machines combined with our operational and managerial prowess, allow us to cater to our clients’ varying demands effectively and efficiently.

CTA: Your Leading Plastic Packaging Solutions Provider in Pakistan


Post Processing Operations

  • Automatic Child Resistant Closure (CRC) assembly: Used primarily for the assembly of CRC caps along with induction seal/wadding, for pharmaceutical needs.
  • Pillow packing for individual packing of sensitive items
  • Cap Slitting and Folding: These machines automatically fold and slit seals for caps used in lubricant bottles.
  • Ultra-sonic welding: Allows assembly of two parts using ultra sonic beam

Post Processing Decorations

  • Pad printing: for printing on flat surfaces with high quality finish.
  • High speed silk screen printing: for bulk production using UV cured inks.
  • Laser engraving: high speed laser engraving for markings and precise finish.